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Our specialty! Blazing Photos has streamlined this service through the experience gained by serving several of our long term clients, such as GE Capital and Parke-Davis. We have traveled the globe providing our services and honing our skills in such exotic locations as Bali, China, Egypt, Greece, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Italy, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, and the Arctic Circle.

A full complement of skilled photographers will document the entire trip for each couple. From the first day arrivals, through all activities, and, of course, the formal awards banquet. We find the best locations, angles, and sneaky spots to get great shots that will tickle everyone’s fancy. Look out, you’ll never know where we’ll turn up! Group shots, couples photos, and lots and lots of fun candids tell the story of each attendee’s well deserved vacation. On check out day each couple receives a packet containing all their photos plus a selection of postcard-like generic shots showing off the most scenic and exciting highlights of the location. Make the package special by ordering a customized album!

Quotes from our Worldwide clients:

“Marc and his team are very unique in that they interface so well with our participants and the results show in the photographs. I would without reservations recommend Marc Blazar for any photographic event, whether the event involved ten people or ten thousand people. He is the best photographer I have ever seen in my twenty plus years of operating programs.”
Angelo V. Astone, Manager Corporate Programs G.E. Capital

“Climbing Kilimanjaro with several cameras and to be the first one to the peak so that the rest of our accomplishments could be recorded – was a special feat of courage. Marc, thanks again for joining us and for all the effort you put forth to make our “African Adventure” a one in a lifetime experience. We enjoyed hiring you as part of our group and found your participation in our activities very comfortable.”
Gary C. Wendt, President and CEO G.E. Capital

“The quality of your photos, and the variety of shots and settings, combined with timely development and sorting, are a tribute to your photographic professionalism and organization. It takes this type of top quality work fairly priced that prompts a client in Connecticut to assign a project to a company in the Virgin Islands to work on their major recognition program. Thank you for a job well done and all of us look forward to working with Blazing Photos again…”
Peter Telep, Senior Account Executive, Carlson Marketing Group

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